Life is a Holiday

Vacation.  What does it mean to you?  If you break it down, and no this is not a snooty Latin exercise  (which we all know would be ‘acation-vay’), you have ‘vacate’ and ‘tion.’  Maybe ‘tion’ is pronounced ‘shun.’ Vacate and… Read More ›

Booty Traps?

You mean booby traps?  That’s what I said, booby traps! God!  These guys! I often write and think about “perspective” but I have never really tried to define it.  You can’t touch or feel it (not an absolute statement, actually… Read More ›

TAPed Out

 They even locked the bloody mini-bar!  My story starts something like Lord of the Flies, but my plane did not dive into the sea and instead we diverted 30 minutes south to a resort town to refuel (so… Read More ›


…I talk about it, write about it, and think about it all time.  Sometimes it just shows up at your door, and when it does you sure as hell better pick it up. Eight Year Anniversary, by Jonathan Makiri. Half Dome… Read More ›