creative writing

I’m Just Seine

The repurposed barge pushed us along the Seine.  Intermittent raindrops peppered the river and gave way to the as-advertised romanticism that surrounded us.  The cool air was tempered by the moment: we were exactly where she wanted us to be. … Read More ›

Stream of Words

Stream of conscious. Streams are a conscious thought, now. I used to collect tadpoles with my brother. I used to pretend the lazy water turned into rapids and my tadpoles were saved from impending death-by-rock-and-water. Just maybe, I saved them…. Read More ›

What if?

Writers use prompts to rev up their arguably creative minds.  I am partial to “What If?” (A. Bernays and P. Painter), at least when I am in the prompting mood.  The prompts often remind me of childhood, when “what if?”… Read More ›