A Letter In Trees

After a five minute hike through fairly dense woods in Santa Barbara, I found a climbable rock and pulled myself up to its flattest surface. I shielded the sun that poked through the meadow’s canopy and settled onto the cool, biased, granite…. Read More ›

Autumn’s Fall

Leaves change.  It’s a beautiful thing, and an appropriate phenomenon for an oft used metaphor.  The notion of a warm green leaf transformed into a bright-orange symbol of a cooler, damper, Autumn, can’t help but make one think that change… Read More ›

Bread Crumbs and Airports

Airports are a feeding frenzy for perspective seekers.  I love airports.  I do.  Always have.  Terminals pulse, day or night, and the tingling vibrations that match the flickers of the fluorescent lights always remind me that I’m going somewhere.  It… Read More ›