stream of conscious

Meaning to Write

I’ve just become a better writer. I didn’t attend a writing conference, finish a book of prompts, or get a piece published. In fact, strictly speaking, I didn’t do anything. Life happened. As a result of this particular occasion, words,… Read More ›

Image That?

So I got to thinking: How much would I pay for a hard-drive that contained every single image captured by my own eyes? What would my autobiography, uncensored and limited only by the ability of my photoreceptors to convert light… Read More ›

Stream of Words

Stream of conscious. Streams are a conscious thought, now. I used to collect tadpoles with my brother. I used to pretend the lazy water turned into rapids and my tadpoles were saved from impending death-by-rock-and-water. Just maybe, I saved them…. Read More ›

Write On, Man

Those aren’t pillows!   Prompt:  Why do I write? (Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg) Date: 18 October 2011 Location:  26B I write because I know it is going to take a lifetime of writing to explain the answer.  I… Read More ›