Momma Mia

It was earlier than either one of us should have been awake and the tapping rain on the windshield made me want to go back to sleep.  The driver’s head bobbed with the jagged melody of the Chili Pepper’s Californication…. Read More ›

Autumn’s Fall

Leaves change.  It’s a beautiful thing, and an appropriate phenomenon for an oft used metaphor.  The notion of a warm green leaf transformed into a bright-orange symbol of a cooler, damper, Autumn, can’t help but make one think that change… Read More ›

Bread Crumbs and Airports

Airports are a feeding frenzy for perspective seekers.  I love airports.  I do.  Always have.  Terminals pulse, day or night, and the tingling vibrations that match the flickers of the fluorescent lights always remind me that I’m going somewhere.  It… Read More ›

Hawai-I Do

I can’t remember all the details, which is a shame.  It was a week for the ages, a celebration of a commitment between two wonderful friends, an elation of the union we were actually part of, in a small way,… Read More ›